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About our Elder Law Firm

Whether you or your parents are about to embark on a move to a nursing home, assisted living or a Rehabilitation Center or you are thinking ahead to the future of your loved one with special needs, the Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, is here to guide you through. We are committed to helping ease the anxiety, alleviate the fear and answer your many questions. The high cost of health care can be daunting. We can help you protect your home, retirement and savings for your spouse and heirs. We have made it our mission to help families during times of crisis, transition and future planning, from creating wills to navigating through Kentucky’s complicated Medicaid and Veterans benefits programs and probate courts.

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Helping Seniors & Their Loved Ones

The heart of Elder Law is the people we serve – seniors and their loved ones. Health care costs are rising at a rate faster than most people’s finances can afford.

People are living longer because of advances in medicine and healthcare. In fact, while everyone has heard that 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, many don’t realize that the fastest growing segment of the American Population is people over age 80.

Planning to protect your nest egg for when, not if, a long-term care event strikes your family, may make all the difference in the world when it comes to your ability to leave a legacy.

Our Practice Areas

Our law firm is wholly dedicated to Elder Law. We focus on helping Families protect all that they have worked for through out their lives from the crushing effects of High Health Care Costs. We have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the intricate laws and details that go into making these essential plans, that non-Elder Law Attorneys typically do not have.


Medicaid rules for long-term care are convoluted and confusing. Assistance is essential. Our extensive knowledge of the exceptions to the rules allow us to guide you through many ways to protect your assets and home.

VA Pension

Veteran’s Pension rules are written to be nearly impossible to qualify. We can guide you to qualify when others say you cannot. We also work to ensure that your unique situation and need for other benefit programs are woven into a seamless plan.

Special Needs

Special Needs Planning requires intricate calculations for protecting child and adults who are disabled. Only trust a firm that is exclusively dedicated to Special Needs Planning.


Guardianship in Kentucky is one of the most unique in the country. Guardianship, when needed can be the protection that a family needs for care and financial protection. Once in place, the needed next steps for VA or Medicaid planning is essential.

Veteran's Compensation

Veteran’s Compensation – Our care for Veterans is a top priority. We can help with your most complicated compensation appeals and we can provide a review of your case to suggest a path forward in the uphill battle with the VA.

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning and Probate –By planning in advance, you will reduce the stress on your children and loved ones when they are already going through the difficult time of loss and grief.

Meet the Team

Elder Law Guidance, the Elder Law Practice of Scott E. Collins, PLLC, is owned and led by Scott a U.S. Army veteran and former minister. His passion is to help others build a better future for themselves and their families.

Upcoming Events

We are constantly providing educational resources to help you understand the legal issues you face and how we can help. Three of our upcoming webinars are listed at the right. Additional events, with times and topics, can be found by pressing the button below.

Estate Planning Basics: The Fast Track to Getting your Will~Living Will~Durable Power of Attorney

Description: At this webinar we will lead you through the key choices that help you make the decision for your will, your Power of Attorney and your Living Will. When you finish this workshop, your core estate planning documents are ready to go.

Medicaid Standards: Your Guide to Understanding Medicaid Income & Asset Standard for Long Term Care

Description:  Understanding the rules of the Medicaid qualification standards and the solutions that we can provide to protect your home and your savings and how to receive long-term care coverage.

VA Pension Planning: Wartime Veterans – The Best Track to Qualify for VA Pension

Description: Up to $26,000 annually is provided to War time Veterans, but only 7% of all eligible veterans take advantage of this benefit that you’ve earned. In this Webinar, we will lay out the standards and the key steps to get you qualified.

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Here Wherever And Whenever You Need Us

We want to make your life easier, whether that’s through thoughtful counsel or making meetings as convenient as possible. We can meet you at our downtown Richmond office situated in a beautiful historic home; we can arrange for a phone or video conference; meet you at a care facility; or make special arrangements for those who are impaired with limited mobility. We are here to assist you.