Client Feedback

V.F. | Union City, KY
(Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Probate)

“I tried to do everything myself and the bills got so overwhelming with parents in assisted living and the nursing facility. I quickly realized I was not going to be able to make the money work so that’s the point I started searching for help ….Scott sat down with us and made us feel very…

S.H. | Kirksville, KY
(Medicaid Planning, Probate)

“We were dealing with a lot of emotions, a lot of really hard times and then you have to worry on top of that if somebody is going to hurt your family more…  I never felt that with Scott and his team … Every time I came in, I felt welcomed and at that time…

C.W. | Richmond KY
(Veteran's Pension, Estate Planning)

“I would recommend anyone nearing retirement to talk to Scott and get what needs to be done prepared for the future … A lot of times we think the future is way off, it’s not. I found that out myself.” 

B.C. | Irvine, KY
(Guardianship, Medicaid Planning)

“He was right there with me all the time to help me take care of everything… I had a small farm my mommy and daddy left me, which is the first thing they wanted…. He saved me a lot of things I could have lost if it hadn’t been for him.”

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