Scott grew up in Middlesboro, Kentucky in the southeastern corner of the state adjacent to Cumberland Gap National Park, surrounded by the hills and mountains of Appalachia. He has enjoyed a multifaceted career that began after his high school graduation, when he joined the U. S. Army as an Air Traffic Controller stationed in Hawaii and Alabama. Following his military service, he served churches in Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire and Tennessee as a Minister where he helped families and became intimately involved in the joys, struggles and turmoil of aging, end of life care, and estate planning issues. After his graduation from Salmon P. Chase School of Law at Northern Kentucky University, Scott launched his own law firm for Longevity Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, VA Pension and VA Compensation. 

Scott is a VA accredited Attorney and is trained to help claimants understand and pursue the VA benefits available to them. Scott is a Member of ElderCounsel and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. Scott is the current Chair for the Elder Law Section and Chair for the Small Firm Practice Management Section of the Kentucky Bar Association.

Scott is an avid hiker, traveler, woodworker, musician and leader in his local Bible study church group.  He and his wife Gina enjoy a large blended family, and his three adult daughters have large families of their own.

Why do I do this?

My family has had a cast of characters that were significant, accomplished, talented, adventurous and wealthy (some were infamous too, but that is a different story). In the westward expansion of our country, we settled the Oklahoma Territory and the settlement that now is the home of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. My Great great grandfather was decorated for his service during the Civil War only to have his land grant for his service taken from him by the U.S. Government and flooded to build a lake. We have had millionaires die broke and others leave it all behind for a dream. On the other hand, one of my grandmothers died in a hospital hallway because she was too poor for them to provide treatment. I’ve seen our close-knit family with annual gatherings of laughter and love end and sever the connection of family all because of a Will that never got finished or family discussions that were needed but too difficult to ever bring up. The result is the lives of our loves end only in memories rather than a Legacy that is passed forward and shared.

I felt the power of family’s stories that gave me a foundation to know I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it. But, I also felt lost in how to get started or who to ask for help. I felt lost because I was starting from scratch instead of building on the foundation that my family had worked so hard for but had nothing to show for it. I determined, in my life, I would turn that around. I want to turn it around for you too. You worked hard so you can give a better starting place to your children and grandchildren. I want that for you, too.